I shot with David Chan to get ready for the pilot season. In general, I’m not good at taking pictures as I feel awkward but David was really good at making me feel relaxed.

Headshot is not about how cool or beautiful you look. You don’t need handsome or pretty photos. You need photos that get you auditions. David knows what works and what doesn’t. Before the shoot, we talked about what kind of character I’ve been going out for and also characters I’m aiming to go out for. It helped me to create a clear vision of what I want. He also gave me good advice picking wardrobe based on those ideas and shot with nice background that matches.

And most of all, it was such fun shoot! Highly recommended!

Toru Uchikado

I heard about David Chan and Jive Duck through a friend I work with. I was in need for some amazing shots and I really liked David’s shots on his online portfolio. I emailed him and he responded almost immediately. If you want some truly great shots go to David. It’s not difficult to find amazing headshots at an affordable price.

Tony Robinette

David Chan put me at ease and made me look great in my headshots. I’ve already gotten called in for an audition from the one I sent out as a postcard.

Chuck McCarthy
Actor http://www.chuckmccarthy.com/

I was very much satisfied with the service. Everything was done with the most profession. David is very skilled and knows quite well how to bring out the proper emotion needed for any shoot. All around great experience, and I had a lot of fun. Definitely recommend them.

Johnny Lee

I had a great time working with David! He was very friendly, professional, and had some great tips on posing for my headshots. I will definitely be coming back to these guys for future photos and will recommend their services to friends!

Dakota Bailey

I shot with David Chan in an outdoor location on one of the hottest days of the summer… and it was great. He had a great location scouted out with textured background (without pulling focus from the subjects!). He kept me very relaxed and comfortable, constantly showing me images between wardrobe changes to make sure he was capturing what I was looking for. He did a great job communicating before the shoot so he had a great understanding of what we needed the day of and continued that communication through the uploads and final touch ups (which looked amazing. My agents and manger love them and as soon as I posted them I happen to get an audition because of them). I would definitely come back to David and Jive Duck the next time I need some fresh shots. Thanks again!

Tyler King

I got the chance to work with David yesterday and had such a great and comfortable session. David really helped me out through the whole thing and helped me with the the outfits I brought to the shoot since I wasn’t sure what to wear. I am really happy with the photos he took. He also gave me good advice and tips on any questions I had. The atmosphere is very mellow and the service is great. I will definitely be working with them again in the future.

Stephanie Nguyen

Thank you so much for another great session. I can’t imagine why anyone would pay so much more for less than Jive Duck standards.
As usual; the shoot was easy and fun, and the results were amazing.

Joe Schofield

Just took headshots with Jive Duck- they were accommodating, professional, and a blast to work with! The turnaround time was super quick- the client is definitely the priority! They really listened to what I was looking for and did their best to take that into consideration on the shoot. :) It was a great experience!

Rachel Hall

After so many headshot sessions here & there, I can honestly say the ones that I took with Jive Duck are my best thus far! David was really down to earth & went above and beyond to really make me feel as comfortable & relaxed as possible! I’m probably supposed to keep this ‘on the low’ but he even threw in an extra edit! I met two of the other Jive Duck staff as well! Great, hospitable ppl! I’ll be back!! Thanks again!

Ashlei Victoria