OSA Website Now Online!

Created web site for the OSA dance crew featuring some very talented movers. This is a wordpress website as well and I did a whole collection of video tutorials for them as well. Check out there site here: www.osadance.com

Redesign For Actress Tara Macken

Recently worked with the awesome Tara Macken (check her out on IMDB) to rebuild her website. We first took a look at what she wanted, then I gave her a few designs, and then from there we picked one and made it cooler and cooler. She wanted each page to have a different feel. So, basing off her collection of…

Redesign of United Stuntwomen’s Association!

This site was a doozy. It was a team effort with DL Hughes, Bobby Clapp, and myself. The reason for the collaboration was to create a site where the clients could add their own members and update their own profiles. It basically became like a social networking site. Not quite facebook, but I think we all did an awesome job….

The Holder Law Firm Website

I recently worked with The Holder Law Firm, who specialize in trademark law, with setting up their website. It was a great wordpress template that was customized and tailored to the needs of the client. Check out the site here at : www.holderlawfirm.com

Photoshoot with Mike Bissonette

Had a great photoshoot with actor, Mike Bissonette. He was looking to take some studio shots to add to his portfolio. We were going for a business look, urban look, hipster look, and some others. We tried a lot of different variations with his looks and the layers that he had. All in all I think it was an awesome…

Just Launched MarissaLabog.com!

Marissa Labog or “Mighty” is a super multi-talented individual. She’s an actress, dancer, and stuntwoman. She has worked on Act of Valor as a terrorist and Colombiana just to name a few. Please check out her new site at www.marissalabog.com The site features resumes for each category as well as photos and videos. I also integrated wordpress into her site…

Photoshoot with Aly Trasher

Had an awesome photoshoot with talented actress Aly Trasher. She is an awesome character actress and wanted to get a few shots to showcase her identities. We did a standard business look and commercial look as well as playing with a quirky look and a goth/rock chick style. Make-up was done by Mary Alice. Check out her portfolio at www.maryalicemakeup.com