Jerome & Nikki’s Maternity Shoot w/ Extra Memories ;)

So this was a special shoot for my dear friends Jerome and Nikki. And as I write this, they are at the hospital expecting Liam to arrive 🙂

Met Jerome and Nikki a while back. They took me to Vegas.

One of my first photos of Jerome and Nikki in 2011

I was fortunate to meet him again in the future and to have worked with him closely for a few years teaching kids in an after school program.

Photobooth fun

We even got to start up a business together!

Jive Duck Studios/Media crew

So many memories…

Jerome is the selfie/groupie king by the way..

So crazy how fast time flies! Jerome and Nikki are one of the best couples I know and we’re very fortunate to call them friends. Liam will be very lucky to have them as parents. Love you guys!

Was happy to add these to my Maternity Gallery.

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