Jerome & Nikki’s Maternity Shoot w/ Extra Memories ;)

So this was a special shoot for my dear friends Jerome and Nikki. And as I write this, they are at the hospital expecting Liam to arrive ūüôā

Met Jerome and Nikki a while back. They took me to Vegas.

One of my first photos of Jerome and Nikki in 2011

I was fortunate to meet him again in the future and to have worked with him closely for a few years teaching kids in an after school program.

Photobooth fun

We even got to start up a business together!

Jive Duck Studios/Media crew

So many memories…

Jerome is the selfie/groupie king by the way..

So crazy how fast time flies! Jerome and Nikki are one of the best couples I know¬†and we’re very fortunate¬†to call them friends.¬†Liam will be very lucky to have them as parents. Love you guys!

Was happy to add these to my Maternity Gallery.

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