Welcome to the 2016 David Chan Portfolio

As you can see, the site has been revamped a lot. I’m utilizing a nifty wordpress theme that saved me loads of time, but I’m pretty happy with how it showcases my work. I’m putting my photography work now upfront and center. I still do some light web work and will find a place for that somewhere on the site…

OSA Website Now Online!

Created web site for the OSA dance crew featuring some very talented movers. This is a wordpress website as well and I did a whole collection of video tutorials for them as well. Check out there site here: www.osadance.com

Redesign For Actress Tara Macken

Recently worked with the awesome Tara Macken (check her out on IMDB) to rebuild her website. We first took a look at what she wanted, then I gave her a few designs, and then from there we picked one and made it cooler and cooler. She wanted each page to have a different feel. So, basing off her collection of…

Redesign of United Stuntwomen’s Association!

This site was a doozy. It was a team effort with DL Hughes, Bobby Clapp, and myself. The reason for the collaboration was to create a site where the clients could add their own members and update their own profiles. It basically became like a social networking site. Not quite facebook, but I think we all did an awesome job….

The Holder Law Firm Website

I recently worked with The Holder Law Firm, who specialize in trademark law, with setting up their website. It was a great wordpress template that was customized and tailored to the needs of the client. Check out the site here at : www.holderlawfirm.com

Just Launched MarissaLabog.com!

Marissa Labog or “Mighty” is a super multi-talented individual. She’s an actress, dancer, and stuntwoman. She has worked on Act of Valor as a terrorist and Colombiana just to name a few. Please check out her new site at www.marissalabog.com The site features resumes for each category as well as photos and videos. I also integrated wordpress into her site…

David Chan Portfolio Redesign

Happy 2012! I haven’t officially blogged about the new design, so I thought I’d take some time to talk about it. The more I was looking at the old design, the more I saw flaws and things I could do better. So much so, it started to really annoy me! I launched the old site a couple years back and…

Youth Development Program Website Launch!

Just recently launched a website for the after school program, Youth Development Program. I’ve had the pleasure of working with these folks to help inspire children with multi-media rich programs. I personally was teaching kids how to make their very own websites all about themselves utilizing iWeb on macbooks. Of course the children sites are not online, but they do…

Heart And Soul Design Communications Launch!

I’ve recently redesigned a website for a multimedia company called Heart And Soul Design Communications. Their last design was flash-based and the company CEO wanted to stray away from that. It’s actually an early launch of the site so stay tuned to a couple more additions to the site. Visit the site here: www.hascommunications.com