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Tips for Actor Headshots – Getting the most out of your photoshoot

Getting your headshot as an actor can sometimes feel like a mini-overwhelming chore. How many looks do I need? What are my types? Who do I shoot with? How much is this going to cost me with the photoshoot, editing & retouching, printing, and uploading onto all the actor websites? No need to stress. Yes it can be a bit costly, but…

Jerome & Nikki’s Maternity Shoot w/ Extra Memories ;)

So this was a special shoot for my dear friends Jerome and Nikki. And as I write this, they are at the hospital expecting Liam to arrive 🙂 Met Jerome and Nikki a while back. They took me to Vegas. I was fortunate to meet him again in the future and to have worked with him closely for a few years teaching…

Photoshoot with Tim Neff

Had a fun shoot yesterday with the multi-talented Tim Neff. Covered a few sporty styles. Here’s some shots from the shoot. More to come… Also view him in my gallery of “People”…which I may have to rename and categorize. Maybe a category for….athletes?….fitness?…… I’ll think of something 🙂 Gallery here:

“She Rises” Conference 2016 at the Dolby Theater

I got to spend my Friday afternoon and evening at the Dolby Theater as a photographer for the conference. It was my first time there, and it was beautiful. Check out more photos here on my site: Here’s a few samples: